Play the Demo!!

Hi everyone! We're finally happy to announce the release of our first demo for "Love Spell: Written In The Stars"!

Our demo is now available for Windows [32bit and 64bit] & Linux [64bit]! (MacOS is coming soon!!)

The demo is about 20-30 minutes long and features the prologue of the story. It introduces all of the main cast and the premise for Love Spell. 

Please note; this is a WIP demo and currently it doesn't feature our completed UI as we are still finalizing design elements and other functions. An updated demo will be released later featuring our completed, working UI system, custom naming system and a sneak peek of the first episode of one of the 4 main romance-able routes.

We hope you enjoy it!! Please check out our Kickstarter!

(If you have any questions on how to load up the demo-- feel free to reach out to us!

 FOR WINDOWS: The demo will download in a zip folder; first, you must unzip the folder onto your computer and locate a file with our love spell book icon called "Game.exe" -- double-click that and then the demo should play!)


  • 'Right-Clicking' triggers crashing for some users.
  • Pressing 'Escape' triggers crashing for some users.

It's been brought to our attention that various users for windows-64 & 32bit versions of the demo are experiencing crashes when they right-click in the game. Right clicking is connected to the save feature/UI (which is obviously not in the demo). Please refrain from right-clicking if you are playing on this version to avoid crashing. 

If you stumble upon any glitches or bugs and wish to report them our dev team, please email and head your subject line with "LS Demo - Bug Report"-- thank you so much!

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Hi, I didn't discover the Kickstarter until it was over. Did the Wizard route get unlocked?