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“Peachleaf Valley: Seeds Of Love” is a romance visual novel/otome game currently in development whose premise is inspired by farming-sim genre classics such as “Harvest Moon”, “Stardew Valley” and “Story of Seasons”. The game is the second commercial project of the newly established Great Gretuski Studios, a female-founded, female-run indie game development studio focused on bringing romantic and creative stories to life.

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Play our demo! Our game’s demo, which features the prologue of the story, is currently available for Windows, Linux and MAC!

Read our latest Devlog for more information!

Check out our main character and four current romanceable bachelors, each inspired by a different season, below! Apart from these five, there are plenty more characters waiting to meet you in the game, along with more romantic candidates to unlock in our Kickstarter stretch goals!

Peachleaf Valley features a variety of game-based interactions to increase the level of storytelling, such as:

  •  Nameable Heroine: You can keep our MC’s default name, Seraphina, or take the lead in the story yourself with a custom name! The choice is yours!
  •  4(+) Different Romantic Routes: Each route features a unique and wholesome individual story, including NPCs and characters exclusive to each individual route. The heroine herself and her interests also differ slightly from story to story, so you’ll have to play all of the routes to experience the full picture and meet the full cast!
  •  HIS P.O.V Stories: Each route features a special chapter where the story is told from your lover’s perspective. See the world and experience his thoughts and feelings about you through his very eyes!
  •  Romantic CGs: In the more intimate moments of your relationship, experience what his embrace feels like firsthand with beautiful CG illustrations.
  •  User Choices: Take control of your destiny by personally picking what you say or do in the story-- but be careful, the wrong choice could lead to heartbreak!
  •  Multiple Endings: The Good, The Bad, and The Secret Ending (Epilogues, if unlocked in stretch goals) can all be unraveled through your choices in the story! Determine your own fate and decide on your own ending!
  •  Navigation System: Along with save and load slots, our game has an optional "Navigate" feature which allows players to revisit previously unlocked chapters in the story once they clear the whole route. Interested in going back to re-read a specific part in the story? Perhaps that steamy kiss scene?! No problem! With the navigation feature, you can easily go back in time!

Check out our first game project and debut title, "Love Spell: Written In The Stars!"

"Love Spell: Written In The Stars" is a romantic comedy visual novel/otome game about spells, adventures, penguins, and the greatest magic of all: true love! It was the debut project of Great Gretuski Studios LLC and was released in July 2020 on STEAM, Itchio, and Game Jolt

The game currently has a DLC route in development along with upcoming ports to MAC and Linux systems!


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