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Love Spell: Written In The Stars is a romantic comedy visual novel/otome game that's available to play now! The game is the debut project of the newly established Great Gretuski Studios, a female-founded, female-run indie game development studio focused on bringing romantic and creative stories to life.


Help support the devs by donating via Paypaland Ko-Fi too!

Our demo is now available for Windows [32bit and 64bit] !

 Read our latest Devlog for more information!

Now let’s dive right into the juicy details!

Are you ready to meet our colorful cast?! Check out our main character and our four current romance-able options below! Besides these five, there are plenty more characters waiting to meet you in the game!

Love Spell features a variety of game-based interactions to increase the level of storytelling, such as:

  •  Nameable Heroine: You can keep our MC’s default name, Luna, or take the lead in the story yourself with a custom name!  
  •  4(+) Different Romantic Routes: Each route in this story was written as a different literary genre featuring a different guy! Whether your cup of tea is the drama involved in romancing a childhood friend or a heart-racing adventure on an expedition with your professor--or even more-- the choice is yours to make! The heroine herself and her interests also differ slightly from story to story, so you’ll have to play all of the routes to experience the full picture!  
  • Navigation System: Instead of manual save slots, our game uses a "Navigate" feature which allows players to revisit previously unlocked chapters in the story through an auto-save function. Interested in going back to explore different choices in the story? No problem! With the navigation feature, you can easily go back in time and change any choice-- the game will record your new decision automatically. 
  •  HIS P.O.V Stories: Each route features a special chapter where the story is told from your lover’s perspective. See the world and experience his feelings about you through his very eyes!  
  •  Romantic CGs: In the more intimate moments of your relationship, experience what his embrace feels like first hand with beautiful CG illustrations. 
  •  User Choices: Take control of your destiny by picking first hand what you say or do in the story-- but be careful, the wrong choice could lead to a terrible fate!  
  •  Multiple Endings: The Good, The Bad and The Secret Ending (Epilogues, if unlocked in stretch goals) can all be unraveled through your choices in the story! Determine your own fate and decide on your own ending!

We have some amazing plans for Love Spell and we need your help to get there! 

Here's a sneak peek at one of the game's bonus routes, Aslan, who will be coming to the game later as our first DLC wave! 


Get this game and 1 more for $25.00 USD
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On Sale!
20% Off
$18.99 $15.19 USD or more

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I  bought this on steam. Really loved Florian's route.  He's exactly the sort of story I enjoy and I love his character, very nice! i loved the witch's role in his route too, it really  felt heart-warming and Florian is irreplaceable. I loved the adventure and the feels,  the pov was great. The right feels from A to Z.  I love him so much with mc, i'll be swoonin for a while!  I loved  the POV too, it was a great moment to use it.  I also loved marcello, tohuh epilogues fell a little short of my expectations, especially for marcello and aren't varied in format.  Marcello would be one of my top favourites routes in any otome game of his ending was a bit stronger, if it capitalised more on the family family the story buillt, the way good ending played out was a bit disappointing. But i sitll love him and mc and the story. I particularly like the group cg moment in the story. 

congrats, the game looks good, nice music and ..it's not easy to make me enjoy otome game as much as you just have. :)  you not only made me enjoy, you gave me a character i really love. I love mc and Florian, really enjoyed this so so much.  also, you give enough development and length with enough room for the stoy and feels to grow at a good pace, so it really is quite satisfying!  Didi I mention I really loved Florian's route? I tend to get attached to characters and stories and this one is one of those I want to see loved nutured and to see them happy. Thank you for it! 

I love Marcello too, very much! I love the connection he has with mc

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Your game is cute and love Philia, she is cute, still great game, the route started working a bit better after 4 tries. so things are fine now, jamie's route was still great even though I had to try 4 times to get it working for episode 10. when will DLC come out.

(3 edits) (+1)

Loved every moment of this game. All the routes were different enough to not feel tedious and each one was a different story, all the characters where wonderful, I really loved the music. and Philia is the BEST. PENGUIN. EVER! I can't wait for the DLCs that are planned. Thank you for making such a lovely game and look forward to all the future plans for it.




Hello! Do you have any plans of releasing this for Mac? I'd love to play :)


Hello! Yes, we do! We're working on it! :-)


Hello I  again : )  I just wanted to ask if you evt is planning a route from Sergio to a DLC. I fell so in love with this Character and think it goes like this to many. I fide also in the bad end of Marcello have the MC and Sergio deeper connection. Sorry for my bad English. I love this game of you and look forward to many more <3

Hello! Thank you for your kind comments! Yes, we recently opened up a Patreon for the studio and Sergio's route is one of our goals on there! You can learn more by visiting us on our Patreon! Thank you so much again for playing Love Spell and all your support!!

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Alright, so I basically ignored Florian's and Marcello's route because they're a little TOO old for my tastes (and I was never a fan of teacher-student stuff even if Luna is an adult), but I played Enix's and Jamie's routes and...

Okay, I have a lot of thoughts (spoilers below because I need it to get my point across).

For a first game out of this studio, this IS really well done. There are a lot of good ideas here and the art is honestly amazing. I really hope to see more games like this out of the studio, especially since it looks like you guys went out of your way to make an engine for it? I presume there's a reason why RenPy wasn't used and it'd be such a waste not to use the engine you made more.

...That said, there are some problems here, and they're not exactly small.

I should start with the basics, and I'll start with the concept of romantic routes versus a fully branching story that rely wholly on your choices to get the guy you want.

I do actually like the idea of just picking a guy and then getting a story revolving directly around them and the protagonist without having to jump through hoops for it. That's way easier and also just convenient because sometimes I don't want to have to deal with the other characters.

However, because of that, I can see players being discouraged to play other routes. Me, for example, I hated Florian and Marcello in the Prologue and I had no interest in pursuing either of them. Had they shown up briefly in Enix's and Jamie's routes with some likable lines, it would've encouraged me to go, "hm, okay, I'm intrigued. They're still a little weird for me personally but I could consider playing their route," (Florian sorta did that but Marcello's basically non-existent) instead of only playing their routes to get their money's worth.

The other thing is that it almost makes it worse that there aren't any branching paths at all really when the game already sets the player on a very clear path to one character. It already restricts and then it restricts more by having the choices not matter that much.

Part of the reason for that, I imagine, is the navigation system. It sounds great in theory, but it isn't in practice. From what I could tell from the game, the choices only impact the episode you're already in, further restricting the player from doing anything of value. The game tells you to "take control of your destiny by picking what you say and do in the story," but literally, I was on Enix's route and wanted to tell off the antagonist (which I will get into later), the game gave me the option to do so, and then did not let me actually go through with it. It was so immensely disappointing to think I had the option to control things and then I didn't.

The description here claims that the navigation feature makes it "easy" to go back in time and change choices, but... it really doesn't? I can never remember what episode I made what choices in and therefore I'd have to just let the game auto skip in every single episode until I find it (which becomes very tedious very quickly). A Save/Load feature usually shows screenshots of wherever you saved, making it easy to go, "Oh! There's the choice I made, I'll do that."

What makes it more baffling to me is that I saw in prerelease footage that there WAS a Save/Load feature originally but then it was discarded? Putting the stories into Episodes (speaking of which, this isn't actually a complaint but I just keep calling them "chapters" by accident in my head because it's listed as "[character's name]'s Story") makes it look really organized and nice, but hovering over them does nothing and first-time users (like myself) might go into the Navigation during a playthrough, click on one of the episode numbers just to see if it pulls up any sort of menu to at least describe the episode to jog the memory, only to then be thrown back into the episode they clicked when it wasn't their intention.

The Navigation system only really hurts the game. It's a theoretically good idea if it'd been fleshed out, but its inclusion like this means that your choices don't matter outside of the Good/Bad Endings (and I presume that some amount of "good" choices lead to the Secret Endings but I don't know for sure and it's not the point here). Plus, I can't imagine the hell it'd be to make choices matter and then make the Navigation work around that (like having Episode 2A/2B/2C based on options you chose in Episode 1, because otherwise episodes might delete themselves if you go back and make a choice that doesn't fit with the later episodes you already played before).

The other unique feature of this game is the "His P.O.V" sections of the game. Again, this sounds good in concept, but not in execution. I can't say anything about Florian's and Marcello's, but for both Enix's and Jamie's P.O.V sections, it only seemed to hurt the routes.

Enix's requires a bit more explaining. Basically, I feel like the whole reason why the spell "worked" the way it did seemed more like a cop-out. When I first was playing, I thought it was because Enix was already in love with Luna and, therefore, the spell is null and void.

But that twist couldn't have been done, because Enix's P.O.V told the audience specifically that he'd already loved Luna, so it wouldn't have been a surprise, and instead it's like, "oh, DESTINY," instead of something either Luna/Enix did themselves ("soulmates" could've been something they accidentally made each other instead of something written in the stars; like they were so close and loved each other so much and that is what made them soulmates). I could've seen Luna still thinking that it's just the spell making Enix act this way until the witch explains that the only reason he'd remember is if he already liked her.

As for Jamie's, the problem comes from the fact that Jamie is the one causing the misunderstanding in that particular episode. We're seeing his thought process so we already know this is a misunderstanding, making it more frustrating when Luna is revealed because we're just waiting for Luna's thoughts to catch up with the audience's. Had it been from Luna's P.O.V, it could've been played off that she didn't know Jamie well and maybe he's telling the truth because he was always keeping secrets; obviously we wouldn't buy it but it makes it less groan-inducing.

In terms of Jamie's route overall, it's not bad and I actually had fun, but for a romcom, it's really sad and angst-y. The tonal shifts hit hard and fast (like the transition of the confession to "what happens afterwards," which I realized was only because things go from 0 to 100 immediately so there wouldn't have been room for "that scene" at any other time) which wouldn't be a problem on its own, but the mood swings happened so frequently that I became numb to it. Luna got excited about the viral video and I was just shaking my head because her and Jamie are supposed to be in love by now but she still doesn't get that he wouldn't be excited by this?

I'll fully admit that part of my problem with his route is just personal preference (translating music into a novel of sorts is very hard and I usually don't like lyrics/singing being thrown into things I'm reading), but I do think some of the choices are legitimate problems. Excess magic is used to save him and I feel like it could've been a team effort between him and Luna to try and get a recording of Cox admitting to everything or something instead of an audience having to be exposed to Jamie's life/torment (which was rather unsettling, even when it was just Luna seeing it. I felt like I was prying into something I had no right to).

Enix's route though, is a very different story. Through basically the entirety of episodes 1-8, I was having fun. Pure, simple fun. I was laughing, I was feeling, I was everything. Luna and Enix were so cute together and I was extremely invested. When I was in the middle of Episode 8, it all felt so much like an ending to the point where I was legitimately confused and like, "This is already perfect? Yeah, technically there are still questions but I'm satisfied right here???"

And then, the antagonist got redeemed, and in one of the worst ways possible.

Redeeming antagonist/villains seems to be a popular thing in media these days, and while I get that maybe it seemed like a good idea to do it at least once in this game (I don't know about the other two but I know Jamie's didn't have it), the way it was done left a sour taste in my mouth for the rest of Enix's route to the point where I could no longer enjoy it.

It's not earned. It's not enough. Isla goes from yelling at Luna to let Enix go, to suddenly feeling bad about Enix being depressed (after years and years of Isla manipulating Enix and annoying him and telling him what he should do with his life and overall not caring about how he feels). She can't talk about how much she loves him after dismissing him when she's not the one with a problem, dismissing his break-up with her as "him not thinking," dismissing his dreams and goals, and also slapping him.

This "redemption," above all else, was what made the lack of choice in this game the most infuriating. When I initially saw "the accident scene," I just sighed and immediately went, "okay, she's getting redeemed, it's so obvious, they wouldn't do this otherwise," but when I got the choice between "SCREW YOU!" and "I'm sorry.", I got excited because it finally felt like I had a choice in where things would go. I really thought this was going to be the "yell at Isla and the game will adjust so Isla won't be forgiven/feel sorry for her actions" or "apologize and make Isla reflect and make her realize that her getting injured was karma (which would've made that accident at least mean something) so she gets redeemed instead."

Not to mention the fact that having an antagonist get injured in any sort of dramatic way like this isn't the way to redemption. All it does is manipulate the audience into feeling sympathy and it's the easy way out. Luna claimed in Prologue that Isla was her "rival and friend," yet I did not see a single instance in any of the flashbacks that showed that Isla cared about Luna. All I was remembering throughout Isla's "redemption" is that Isla practically set Luna up to be sexually assaulted by Chaz and I just--I don't know who buys a romcom game hoping for a redeemable bad guy? I was waiting for more roasts and Philia to let loose on Isla and for Isla to get hilarious payback for everything she'd done, but that didn't happen.

And it feels like a punishment. Luna finally stood up to Isla and then the story punished her for it by having Isla get injured right after. It's just drama for the sake of drama and I felt so bad for Luna because here she is feeling guilty for making Enix happy and standing up for herself and that's wrong.

It didn't have to be like that. Heck, Isla could've faked an accident by setting up some big scheme (so Enix would get a bone-chilling call instead of Isla just moronically running into an intersection in front of them). It could've been a joint effort between her, her family, and Enix's family to manipulate and guilt Enix into coming back to them and convincing him to become a doctor. They could've threatened to freeze his bank accounts if he didn't comply (maybe they even threaten to pay Luna's school to mark Luna's finals as a failure to further threaten him, which brings back the mention of finals from an earlier episode), which makes Enix nervous because he's always had money thrown at his problems (and Enix would've either left himself or he and Luna would've actually talked about it instead of Luna having to be at fault for things again). Then, the Good Ending could be Enix abandoning Isla and his family officially and going back to Luna with little to no money now but promising her that he'll start from the ground up again and it's okay because he wants to be with her as long as she's alright with that too.

The game expects me to suddenly feel sympathy for Isla because she got hurt and I don't. She could've dropped at Luna's feet and begged for forgiveness and I still wouldn't have given it to her because she's been nothing but selfish, violent, uncaring, and manipulative for 95% of the story. I don't care if she's experienced unrequited love for so long because she's ultimately just out for herself (and seems to sort of gets a love interest as a reward in the end, which just furthered my irritation). The game clearly banks on the player wanting Isla to be redeemed and that's a gamble it shouldn't have taken.

There could've been ways to redeem her but this was not it and I just end up feeling gross inside because Luna and Enix took so much abuse from her and then suddenly they both have to forgive and even thank her because "she's sad and hurt and that makes everything okay." Isla is the one to convince Luna to break it off with Enix and even during her apology to him, she doesn't admit that she was the one who told Luna to let him go, presumably because the story would be ruined and Enix would've gone charging back to Luna. It makes Isla's "redemption" come off as even less convincing/acceptable because she didn't even fix the mistake that caused Enix to suffer in the first place.

It's to the point where I would literally pay more money to have content cut out. There's a phrase I heard once about writing, and it's basically, "start 10 minutes late and leave 10 minutes early," which means that you have to be watchful of your beginning and ending because what you think you might need in those parts, you don't actually need and it ends up being boring.

This is exactly what Enix's route ends up as, because the last three episodes feel like padding. The episode before them was so sweet and hearfelt that there was honestly no way it could be topped, but then the game kept going. I'm not saying that Enix's route needed to end at episode 8, but the story could've been rewritten to have the stuff in 8 be the ending, just adding in the witch afterwards and her explaining things, maybe when everything's wrapped up and there's still just that lingering question of the spellbook (which would make the route unique since the witch didn't have to interfere to make anything happen, unlike the other routes I presume). The story, as is, comes off like a draft, or like the story was supposed to wrap up at episode 8 but then... I don't know, the concept for the Good/Bad Endings came in and this didn't reach the episode limit so it had to keep going? I just can't shake the feeling that something happened between episodes 8 and 9 and that's not a good thing. It almost feels like there were multiple writers for Enix's route and no one could agree on what to do with Isla, which I don't think is true either because the Kickstarter seems to imply that there was only one writer and one editor? In which case, dang, that's impressive, but also sounds like an overwhelming burden for one person to have to write four whole and unique stories.

I know I just spent a long time complaining and I'm sorry, but I do it because Enix's route was so perfect and and then just... it turns into a trainwreck.

I don't know if "Deluxe" versions of visual novels are a thing, but if this game was ever expanded on with more impactful choices and more thought out routes, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I love this idea and the heartfelt moments and (some of) the comedy and that's exactly why it hurts so much that I had to end the game feeling empty inside.


That was a great review, thanks!


Thank YOU for the compliment! I'm glad I was able to "review" things coherently despite how upset I was by what happened in the game.

No problem :))) I just love reading reviews like this that tell me the pros and cons of the game

Ugh I feel like you've perfectly described why I got so annoyed during the Enix route. I hated how everything after episode 8 went. Their behaviour was honestly infuriating. I wanted to shout at my screen, haha. It doesn't matter if everyone else thinks Enix would be a great doctor, he already told MC/Luna that he doesn't want to be, and he wasn't happy like that. What more is there to say?! Jeez.

It did feel like drama for the sake of drama, and I hated that everyone was so nice to Isla, when she's the reason they got stuck in this situation anyway. Both times, it was her and her rotten character. 

I'm glad his wasn't the first route I tried because I might've not played other routes due to frustration with the writing!

Also, give Florian's route a try at least! I had my doubts about it as well but I thought it was super sweet and didn't have the same writing problems. 

(1 edit)

Thanks for the recommendation on Florian's route! I might consider it and I'll get back to you if I do (I kinda wanna get the Good End for every route at least).

I'm also glad I could put into words what was frustrating to you about Enix's route. It's just such a shame about it because Enix easily my favorite character. Him and Luna having a pre-established relationship allows for scenes and moments that other characters can't have with Luna. I don't even have a problem with drama in general (I do have a limit though. If it's angst/tragedy just to try to get the plot moving forward or just for THE SADS, I hate it), but it has to be done well and with a lot of care.

I honestly applaud the developers for episodes 1-8 of Enix's Story because they're amazing, but then the ball drops so hard. It's not that I couldn't recommend the game for anyone (I know there would be people who immediately feel sympathy for characters like Isla or enjoy antagonist redemptions because "eVeRyOnE dEsErVeS a sEcOnD cHaNcE" or whatever), but it really is only for people who feel okay with being dragged along by the hand from beginning to end. I think it makes it easy for people to pick favorite routes because there isn't much choice in where you're able to go, but if there was more choice involved, I could see people liking everyone's route more overall because they felt like they had agency and at least some control over where things went.

And the last three chapters don't even make that much sense? The whole thing with Isla crying her eyes out (Which still earns zero sympathy from me. She slapped Enix in the last episode and bullied Luna for dating Enix when "he was already dating someone else" except Luna didn't do that and tried to stop Enix until he explained that he broke up with Isla, so Isla is delusional, which is another sign that she can't be redeemed.) and telling Luna to let Enix go is her basically saying that she doesn't care about Enix's happiness. Then, like two scenes later, she takes it back because Enix is miserable, despite him being miserable for years beforehand???

(Also, it's weird to have a scene between Enix and Isla when Luna isn't there and this is supposed to be from Luna's P.O.V. I'm convinced that it was only to try and get the audience more onboard with Isla's redemption and it still didn't work. There are a couple scenes like that in Jamie's route too and I've always found it weird, but at least those are more Luna leaving the scene so she was there at one point. Just--why make a "His P.O.V" section at all if they're just going to jump to their non-Luna scenes anyway?)

And Luna trying to get Enix to go back to being a doctor is so forced. Enix even stares at her expression and asks if Isla talked to her (which tells us as an audience that Enix knows that Isla is terrible and full of garbage but sure, redeem her anyway) but Luna denies it. The whole scene has to go a very specific way because clearly neither of them want this and just a little edging from either of them would cause them to break. Luna's whole thing throughout this entire route was, "I don't want Enix to do anything that doesn't make him happy," and now she's doing the opposite? Yes, he won an award and yes, he's good at it, but Luna already knew that he would've made a good doctor and didn't care because his happiness came first and that's what Enix loved about her. Enix already established pre-Episode 9 that he tried to fool himself and tried to be happy with being a doctor and he couldn't, so this is just a waste of the player's time.

That's why I brought up my thought of Isla and the family directly involving themselves with threats and force, because Enix and Luna have come to too much of an understanding by the end of Episode 8 for this to happen without testing the player's suspension of disbelief. In the original here, when the player sees this scene with Luna trying to tell Enix to be a doctor after everything, they just go, "okay, this is dumb, this is just needless drama so that there can be Good/Bad Ending options," whereas the family interfering would instead bring a feeling of, "this is a terrible situation they're both in and it's understandable why they're conflicted on what to do about it," especially when Enix used his money to buy Luna that laptop and cutting off his funds + the threats would seem like a legitimate problem.

Leaving it up to Enix and Luna to cause the "break-up" isn't natural after they confessed, had sex, and were basically already onto making their game. Isla goes from an "I love to hate her" manipulative character to a plot device to force Luna's hand. The game basically has to do a 180 swerve to desperately drive the plot to where any sort of Good/Bad Ending is possible.

And I simply cannot forgive the game for punishing both Luna and the player for enjoying the moment. Isla was set up as an antagonistic character who the player was waiting to see get her just desserts, and then as soon as we get the satisfaction of seeing it happen, the game was like, "Yes but actually no. She's sad and you should feel sorry for her and Enix and Luna will be expected to forgive and thank her by the end even after she made both of their lives miserable for literal years."

Also, if the witch had this destiny book and Luna asked for a romance, why didn't the witch just look up Luna's soulmate and use her magic to put Enix and her into more situations together? Yes, the destiny book isn't for "mortal eyes," but she could've interfered without telling Luna directly that Enix is her soulmate.

The whole filler thing really just amounts to Enix's last three chapters not meaning anything. Marcello's (was told by a friend) reveals stuff about what's been going on behind the scenes and Jamie's actually reveals a lot about his backstory. Outside of what happens with Isla (which, again, I don't care about anyway), the only thing that happens directly between Luna and Enix is the reveal of what happened with the spell, which is just not enough content for three chapters.

I don't know if the DLC for this game will be paid or not, but if it is (and I know I said this before), I really do hope they go back one day and then release a "Deluxe" version of Love Spell, sort of like all those Wii U -> Switch ports.

All the DLC already being in there, more choices that actually impact the game, at least two branching paths for the Good/Bad End (like redeeming/not redeeming Isla for Enix's even if I don't think she'll deserve it regardless, and and maybe a path for Jamie's where he either continues to pursue music or goes with the Kitty Cafe that his bio hinted at instead), and just an overall experience that people would enjoy more because they have more agency.

Hi hi! Commenting from my comment-only account, considering commenting about/reviewing the actual game later.

I've read the page on the Kickstarter and thought that it was interesting to see that there was a GIF mentioning a potential route with Sergio, but I also see that the DLC Goal titled "Aslan's Route," while being mentioned on this page, has not actually been achieved yet? Is this because you guys are counting the money from people who bought the game afterwards and that's why there's a preview of Aslan's route, because you know you'll get there/have already gotten there?

Also, wouldn't it be beneficial to have this "social media map to Sergio" that you have on Kickstarter on your itch.io page here so people know about it? Or was Sergio a cancelled goal? People would probably be more inclined to like+follow+share if they know that there could eventually be a reward for it, hence my asking. I imagine not a lot of people check on the Kickstarter page so maybe they don't know everything they could possibly be getting by donating and such?


just played marcello's route (LOVED IT) and let me just say that sergio could ~get it~


I adored this game! 😍

It was so wholesome but also exciting with the drama/action scenes, a perfect combination. I just.. I honestly loved everything about it. MC’s personality was fantastic, all of the LI’s were amazing, the plot and writing are immersive, the music was so good

One of my favorite things was how MC finds different passions/dream in each route, it’s not something you see often in otome, as usually MC has no passions/dreams or has one that’s the same for all routes, but I absolutely loved how it changes depending on which route you’re on as she finds not only love but purpose too, it was just so beautiful to see and I was cheering for her the whole way! 🧡

Another favorite is the relationship between MC & Philia, I just love how they become friends and are important to each other, and that they also have a happy ending together 😢🧡

Also, I admit to falling for Sergio 👀 

This is a weird question, but I was wondering if there’s any way to see sheet music/tutorial for the piano tracks in the game someday? I would absolutely love to know how to play them, they were AMAZING 😍 

Thank you so much, game creators, for this wonderful game! I had SO SO much fun playing it and I'm a huge fan of yours. I'll definitely be following you for future updates. You're all so amazingly talented 🧡

are the itch ver and steam separate? or if i buy it here i can get the steam key too ??

Hi, sorry for the late reply. The Itch and Steam versions are separate.

(4 edits) (+1)

Hi there! I just bought the game on Steam, I started the game for the first time, wrote the name of the MC and clicked confirm but the game just freezes, no reason whatsoever. I've tried multiple times and it happens the same thing again and again. If you could help me out I'd be really grateful, I'm dying to play it.

Edit: It only seems to happen when the game is in window size, when in full screen it works just fine.


Hi, thanks for reporting this bug. We'll look into it for the next update patch. Thank you for playing Love Spell and supporting the game!

Any future bugs can also be reported to gretuskigames@gmail.com 

I'm having the same problem (freezes after clicking confirm on the name screen) in the Steam version and came here to see if there was a solution. Going to try playing in full screen now, since it was windowed before. Thank you for the response, and hope it's an easy fix. 

Hello I bought the game through Steam and love it. 
I wanted to ask if the DLC with the route from Aslan will also appear on Steam? 
Its a very great game and i look forward to more. 
With kind regards :)

Yes, it will! You can follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter on our website for more information on upcoming DLCs for Love Spell as we announce them. Thank you so much for your support and for playing our game!


Thank you for the answer. And I have to say again how much I love your game. I laughed and cried in this game. It's a super game thanks for that and i'm looking forward to much more from you <3

I just bought the game but I can only download the demo?

Hi, that's a bit strange. We just confirmed that our downloads are working as expected, but please email us your name and Itchio confirmation # to gretuskigames@gmail.com and we'll get this resolved right away. Thank you for supporting the game!

i am also having the same issues unfortunately :( i can go to the page where i purchased the game, and will still download the demo and not the full game

Hi, sorry for the mix-up. This is really strange and we've reached out to Itchio customer support to look into why a few customers can't download the game files that are uploaded and the others can. In the mean time, please email gretuskigames@gmail.com with your name, Itchio username and screenshot of your proof purchase and we'll get you the files. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

So I was able to download the game from my browser but not the itch app (I usually try to use the app because it makes updating the game so much easier).


Played it all day today! It was really good, and just that pick me up I needed. I still have two routes to go but I loved Jamie and Edix's routes. They are absolute sweethearts. MC is hilarious and I loved Philia and her cheese addiction xD The art and graphics were great as well. You all did an amazing job! I can't wait to see what future games you create!!


the day i have money will come and when i do imma buy this game

Does this game have skip/back functions?  (If so what are the macros?

I'm alright with whatever the answer is.

Will the DLC be paid, and if so, what's an estimate of the cost? 

Hey, I’m doing Jamie’s route (purchased on Steam) and there appears to be a bug on episode 9-2 that prevents me from continuing with the story. The text box goes blank, the sprites disappear and I can’t advance the text. The buttons all work, I can return to the main menu or access the settings, I just can’t progress the story. All other routes work fine (I saved Jamie for last).

The story is fantastic by the way, I was excited for the full version after playing the demo and it does not disappoint!!

Hi! We received your email and answered you with specific questions we need to know to implement a solution as no one else has reported that issue. Rest assured, we'll get that bugger fixed as soon as we can so you can finish the story. Thank you for supporting Love Spell!


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!! The problem resolved itself and I am back to enjoying Jamie’s route again :) 


Update: I have finished all routes and they are all amazing! Looking forward to Aslan's story when it's released eventually :)


hello! was wondering if this game will be available on mac at some point?


Love the demo but ,will the full game be free or will i have to buy it?


it’s cool and I am so interested.I can’t wait for the full.


Are you guys planning on releasing the game for Mac OS too? Because i am so interested in playing this :(


I'm a bit confused, like a week ago I played the demo for this game on Steam, and I wishlisted it immediately. So I was pretty excited to play it on Jun 30th, as it was showing me on Steam page. Did the date of release changed or do I remember it wrong? :(


We delayed our release a few weeks to allocate additional time for aggressive testing. Our new release date is July 24th! You can read about the reasons for our short delay here! Thank you for your support!


I know most people here are commenting on the guys or the main character but can I just point out how great your GUI is? Your transitions and extra animations added in are also very eye catching and pleasant. Don't get me wrong, I'm also looking forward to your full release and have fun with the story but I just really appreciate the extra effort put in with the presentation. Really, it's such a good job lol


The entire demo I was laughing my face off; the MC kept finding herself in predicament after predicament.  There was never a dull moment with her extremely horrendous luck... Even so, as a recent college grad, I managed to really relate to her sarcastic wit, endless job searches, and also, being in the poor house.  I loved the paradox of choice term because it gave a name to what I felt all through college. Top favorite guy, so far, is Marcello (flashy, bolsterous, rich, just my type on paper). ^_^ All of the guys have such great personalities. Haha, that bartender Aslan- the sneak with his innocent smile, casually helping the MC out in Enix's route, definitely love his character tho :3  Thanks for all the hard work that went into making this adorably perfect game! Definitely looking forward to playing the finalized version >_<


I DID NOT ask to be torn to shreds by a BUZZFEED QUIZ. HOW DARE.  No but it said I should go for the one I was eyeing any how so that was sick and validating while the text..wow that got me..
The demon is too short for me to say if  I love or hate any of the guys but the humor of the character is amazing. It's more real than the ditzy soft protag and more grounded than the subversive agressive alternative.
The only thing I felt strongly about was the name screen make it so it's typed rather than letter by letter click.  Other than that the demo was understandably too short and I can't wait for the development of this. 


Im looking forward to this!


I really enjoyed playing the demo, it was so charming and I was smiling the whole time! I'm so excited to see the full game, this was wonderful :))


would there be any way for mac users to play this? I don't really have any other way to access the demo :(


We will be launching for Windows first & hopefully IOS sometime in the coming future! Due to the fact we are a very small studio and team and also due to the setbacks of COVID-19, we unfortunately do not have the technology nor budget right now to port to IOS so quickly. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you'll play our IOS version when it comes out!


Need a member? I will be happy to help!


Very excited to see the finished product! The demo is charming! Very cute art style!


I just played through the demo and omg I'm so excited for the full version! 


Did Aslan's route get funded with the late backers?


Looks cute, but if you hit Esc, which is very often the way to get to the menu in these kinds of games, it instead immediately exits without any warning or chance to save.


Will there be a mac version of the game?


This game looks super cute and fun! I love the concept, it sounds like it can go a lot of places, and the characters are so well drawn and pretty. MC is adorable! I love looking at her, it just makes me want to squeal she's so cute.  The color palette for the game is vibrant and yet soft and everything is just so cutesy, and I adore it. My only complaint is that this game isn't available in more places. I was hoping that it was available to play on an online format like My Candy Love is, to make it easier for me to access. I just feel like you'd get a lot more players if you made it available online like that, I've noticed that there are far more players for My Candy Love because of it's accessibility than a lot of other dating sim games I've played that are only available for download of some form. But I don't know the logistics about creating a website, so I'm sorry if I've come across as rude. Anyways, I'm so excited to play this game, and two big thumbs up to the creators!

You're comparing a phone app to a computer game, of course they serve different markets. 

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I heavily enjoyed playing all of their routes in the demo (even the ones I initially wasn't interested in). The writing got some legitimate reactions from me, from shock to full on laughter so I really loved that. One thing I will say though is the the user interface was a bit frustrating to use at times (e.g the right click on the mouse and the long load time for the Log), but once I got past that - wow, that was a really fun demo. Can't wait to buy it on Steam!




I played Florian's Demo today and wow, I am really interested to see where this goes.  Not to mention how cute the mascot is and the girly things!  I'm looking forward to when this comes out, I already added it to my steam wishlist. <3


This game totally great! When play, i found the moment. Oh this MC is totally like me! Love watch anime Villain Academy(?) LOL XD (yeah mumbling)

The story is interesting, and the art very wonderful. I hope the full vers will come out fastly! Ganbatte~ I luv this game!! >.<)/

Can't wait for next project yaaa~~

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