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Love Spell: Written In The Stars is a romance visual novel/otome game currently in development. Its expected release date is Spring 2020. The game is the debut project of the newly established Great Gretuski Studios, a female-founded, female-run indie game development studio focused on bringing romantic and creative stories to life.

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(Feel free to message or email us if you get lost! Inquiries can be sent to: greatgretuski@gmail.com!)

Our demo is now available for Windows [32bit and 64bit] & Linux [64bit]! (MacOS is coming soon!!) - Read our latest Devlog for more information!

Now let’s dive right into the juicy details!

Are you ready to meet our colorful cast?! Check out our main character and our four current romance-able options below! Besides these five, there are plenty more characters waiting to meet you in the game!

Love Spell features a variety of game-based interactions to increase the level of storytelling, such as:

  •  Nameable Heroine: You can keep our MC’s default name, Luna, or take the lead in the story yourself with a custom name!  
  •  4(+) Different Romantic Routes: Each route in this story was written as a different literary genre featuring a different guy! Whether your cup of tea is the drama involved in romancing a childhood friend or a heart-racing adventure on an expedition with your professor--or even more-- the choice is yours to make! The heroine herself and her interests also differ slightly from story to story, so you’ll have to play all of the routes to experience the full picture!  
  •  HIS P.O.V Stories: Each route features a special chapter where the story is told from your lover’s perspective. See the world and experience his feelings about you through his very eyes!  
  •  Steamy CGs: In the more intimate moments of your relationship, experience what his embrace feels like first hand with beautiful CG illustrations. Note: There will be no explicit imagery in the game. Only cute lingerie, spicy scenarios and lots of abs.  
  •  User Choices: Take control of your destiny by picking first hand what you say or do in the story-- but be careful, the wrong choice could lead to a terrible fate!  
  •  Multiple Endings: The Good, The Bad and The Secret Ending (Epilogues, if unlocked in stretch goals) can all be unraveled through your choices in the story! Determine your own fate and decide on your own ending!

We have some amazing plans for Love Spell and we need your help to get there! Check out some of our stretch goals on Kickstarter!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the game's bonus routes, Aslan! 

More information on our Kickstarter!

Participate in the Love Spell social media challenge to help support the game and unlock an additional romance-able route! Details and links below!

To participate in this challenge, simply click on the links below and find the challenge post on each platform! Sergio’s destiny is in your hands!


LoveSpell-Demo_Windows64bit.zip 214 MB
LoveSpell-Demo_Windows32bit.zip 211 MB
LoveSpell-Demo_Linux64bit.zip 204 MB

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The demo looks really interesting. I am one of those people who care A LOT about the MC's personality and I have to say this looks really promising. She is so relatable. I found myself taking photos of things she thought and sending them to my friends with the captions ''OMG ME'' multiple times. 

The romance-able characters seem pretty good too, tho I can't say for sure yet. I am 100% into the professor tho and possibly the barista. Not really feeling the other 2 but that's just my personal preference (although I'll still give them a try when the game comes out). I'd really love a wizard route tho (I'm sure you guys will get to the Kickstarter fund for it so I'm not worried about that)

Other than that, the art is really nice! The characters all look really unique and their design is very aesthetically pleasing. 

If I have to say one thing that needs improvement I'd say maybe the transitions could be a little faster. I accidentally quit the game in the middle and since there's not a save button yet I had to replay it. It took a while, thanks to the very slow transitions. It looks very good, but I can see it getting slighly annoying with time, so maybe if that were a little bit faster.

That's all I have to say! I'll be sure to join your Kickstarted when I finally get a job haha. Until then, good luck on this and I'm looking forward to playing it!

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i hope the demo will be updated with skips and saves and such at some point. i hit escape to save, and then found out it just closed the whole thing and i had to start over with no way to autoplay or skip through what i'd already done.

and after all that i found out the demo ends at the spot i was working my way back to anyway >.< i was hoping to experience more of the main game...


It looks great and it's definitely interesting. However if you press escape you aren't able to get back to the demo and I had to close out and replay it. I assume that'll be fixed when there's an actual menu in the game though. The only other thing that bothered me was how long the transition animation took. It kinda took me out of the game and turned it into just waiting for the log menu or the next scene to show up, instead of feeling like a smooth transition. 

Other than that I am super excited to see where the game goes!


This is amazing the story is amazing and the story looks so cute and i love the characters.


I'm excited to check this out!! Do you guys think you might make any games with romance-able female characters in the future?


The game looks so cute !! OwO Will the full game be free?


Just finished the demo and this looks super adorable! The visual aesthetic of this game is very well put together. The sound's a little too loud but the tunes are catchy. Looking forward to seeing each of the character's develop past this 'screenshot' of their personality. (Also looking forward to that cute bartender...) 


Just wanted to say that I played the demo and it really looks great.  Though it's clearly a WIP with some missing features, I think it gives a really great view of what the finished game will be like.
I'm really looking forward to this project! =3


I dont understand why you dont made otomes in Spanish. If in this languages there is more gamers.